Downloading these pieces is free. The intention is to facilite their interpretation to any musician interested in them. After checking it, if any performer decides to play some of them in a concert, the writer would be pleased to be informed of the event in order to keep the Agenda updated and also to contribute to performers and concerts diffusion.

. Un templo para Isis (2006-07), for violin, 6´
Première: Salón Regio of the County Council of Cádiz, VI Spanish Music Festival of Cádiz, 23 November 2008.
Performer: Manuel Guillén
Un templo para isis. pdf

. Umbrales (2006), for vibraphone, 9´
Date and place of première: Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, XXVI BBK Festival of Current Music, 23 November 2006. Performer: Juanjo Guillen.

Umbrales. pdf

. Bajo el silencio (2005), for clarinet, 5´ 30´ Date and place of première: C. Cristóbal de Morales of Sevilla (Contemporary Music Season of the Council of Sevilla, 2005), 30 November 2005. Performer: Camilo Irizo.
Bajo el silencio . pdf

. El murmullo del mar (2003), for clarinet, violin, violoncello, percussion, piano and soprano, 5´Date and place of première: National Music Auditorium of Madrid, 15 December 2008. Performers: Plural Ensemble conducted by Wolfang Lischke
El murmullo del mar . pdf